Wednesday, April 24, 2013

5th week assignment

By now, you should have begun reporting your profile pieces, due for workshop 6th week Monday. So, for next week:

1. Continue reporting for narrative and begin devising a structure for your profile.

2. Read this profile, one of the world's most famous, and this presentation by a New Yorker writer on writing profiles.

3. Also read p. 19-74 in Telling True Stories.

4. Post a reading response on your blog and comment on at least two other classmates' blogs.

5. And, for fun, and in the spirit of putting theory into practice and becoming much tighter narrative writers, revise your personal essay based on your 15-word Franklin outline and turn in a hard copy (along with your Franklin outline on which its structure is based) to me and post both to your blog by NOON on Monday, April 29.


  1. It's fourth weeeeeeek, isn't it?

  2. Indeed, it is. My intention was to be forward looking. But having part of the assignment due 4th week Friday threw things off, didn't it. . . .

  3. The 26th. See, I fixed it. Thanks for the heads up.